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The Wave is a project that includes, amongst others;

The Wave Online Radio Station

Online Ticket Sales

The Wave Cafe Theatre at 44 on Long Street, Cape Town

Phase 1

The Wave Online Radio Station, comprises an online Radio Station with curated musical and talk content launched in May 2022. The Wave Online was well received with listenership peaking at 80 000 over 30 days. It remains under construction with weekend shows 80% populated. In 2023 the focus will be on delivering hosted shows for up to 12 hours during the week (Mondays to Fridays).

Phase 2

The Wave – Ticketing,  is a ticketing platform where you can purchase tickets to selected events happening in and around the Province of the Western Cape and South Africa at large. This application was launched in January of 2023 to deliver ticketing solutions to Jazz on the Rocks – Tietie’s Bay attendees. The ticketing service will offer qualifying artists and promoters an efficient, smart, and cost-effective service. Qualifying clients will enjoy quick access to funds. For most artists and promoters cash flow has historically presented a significant challenge in the process of producing events. 

Phase 3

The Wave Business Network. This will be launched in 2023 and will constitute a Forum for businesses, especially youth-driven enterprises.

For enquiries about the Theatre, Radio and Tickets